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I'm Katie May


Hello, and thank you for checking me out!


My Journey

My passion for photography started out when I was a teenager. One of my friends was in a band, and knew I had a digital camera. He asked me if I'd mind snapping some pics of his group performing at a local venue, to which I said yes. I had so much fun capturing the moments during the show, and when I put them all on my computer I discovered something. The simple windows photo gallery had an edit option! I changed the contrast and saturation, and how it changed the look of the photo excited me. I was hooked ever since! I continued my journey by taking photos at more local shows, soon practicing by giving friends portrait shoots and taking photos for different bars in the area. Eventually, I had a friend ask me to photograph her wedding. This was a pivotal moment for my career path. I loved the experience so, so much! I knew that this was something that I truly wanted to pursue after this. I started seriously learning about the craft, I picked up tricks and techniques from fellow photographers, took on more work opportunities, and eventually changed what I went to school for from Fine Arts to Photography. 

A Bit About Me

I love traveling, and have been to many different states in the US, from Michigan down to Florida. I'm a bit goofy, and love joking around. I try to use that to my advantage when with clients to help them feel more comfortable and casual. I'm not too bad at dad jokes, either. I'm a morning person, but I can't start my day without coffee of some kind. I love arts and crafts, and beyond photography I also do wood burning, painting, whittling, and sewing. I also spent many years as a preschool teacher.

I am all about bringing in personality into my shoots. All photoshoots are a collaborative effort between me and my clients, so I don't want my clients to feel like they can't speak up or throw out their own ideas for what they want. Each photoshoot is a new individual piece that represents that client. I want your photos to be something that you can always look back at fondly. 

Contact me if you want to chat and look more into what I offer!

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