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Alaura and Dustin's Wedding

I got to do one after the other of weddings at the same venue. This venue I was no stranger to prior to these weddings, so I knew how they ran and what to expect as far as lighting and location. I was handed a different challenge for this one, though. No flashes could be used because there was someone prone to seizures at the wedding. They had their ceremony earlier in the day than standard for most events, so we wouldn't have to worry about it getting dark on us. Honestly, not using flashes was not that big of an issue.

The area was super backlit, but the photos still came out great!

For their reception, they added super fun touches from Harry Potter! The tables were all labeled different locations from the books/movies, and they had little potion bottle keychains for each guest to take home.

One of the table names.

An adorable blue potion bottle that had sparkly swirls when you shook it.

The wedding was great fun, and I'm so happy that Alaura and Dustin let me be apart of their special day!

Check out some highlights from the day in the slider gallery below:

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