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Growing with a Family

If you've followed my photography at all, you've probably seen this woman:

We've been friends for about 6 years, and have been doing photo shoots together for about just as long.

We started off doing photos at comic conventions of her costumes. We worked so well together that she eventually hired me for a family shoot. After that shoot went well, she hired me for more and more, and I've now gotten the opportunity to take photos of every big change in her family since we started!

It's a unique opportunity to be able to work with someone through so many family changes. And I wish I could do this more.

When a family finds a photographer and stays with them, you build a special bond and trust. Being comfortable and knowing who you're working with helps to make those photos even more special by that photographer knowing what you're looking for in your shoots. Perhaps, one day I'll get to do this with more families and clients.

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